Oregon Couple Produces Show About Bella an 80’s Loving Gerbil

If you haven’t heard about Blockbuster Bella, the '80s-loving gerbil, you probably soon will. Bella, or rather the two gerbils that play her, already have a growing following on social media. At last count they had over 14,000 followers on TikTok

Blockbuster Bella is the brainchild of Kyle and Marylou Bryant. The married couple wanted to create uplifting content. What better way to do this than combining  adorable gerbils with their fond memories of Blockbuster video and the 1980s?  

Kyle, who has a background in construction and set building, created the highly detailed miniature film set. The set took over 40 hours to make. Each piece was painstakingly put into place with the understanding the gerbils will be gerbils. They will inherently move things about. 

The end result of Marylou and Kyle’s hard work is Blockbuster Bella, a sweet little show about a gerbil with a Blockbuster in her basement and a British best friend. 

Ginger and Charlotte, the real life gerbils who play Bella, are sure to be the next breakout stars. We just hope all that fame doesn’t go to their fuzzy little heads. 

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