Orangutan "Explains" Zoo Rules to Social Media Influencer

Zoos put barriers between people and animals for good reason, and a "keep out" sign is for your own good. Nineteen-year-old Hasanal Arifin paid no heed to the forbidden zone in front of the orangutan cage at Kasang Kulim Zoo in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. In fact, he waited until staff was at lunch before jumping the fence to get close to the orangutan in order to get a video. While the orang was still behind bars, Arifin had entered his territory and made the ape feel threatened. He grabbed Arifin by the shirt and then by the leg. Another man leaped into action to separate the two, but it wasn't easy. The orangutan came very close to biting Arifin's toes off!

So Arifin went viral, which was what he wanted, but at what cost? Zoo staff threw him out and had to calm the orang down. They remind the public that forbidden zones are there for a reason. Arafin is being shamed on social media for putting himself and others in danger. If he had been hurt, it would have most likely been the orangutan who would have to pay.

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