One-Eared Dog Makes A Toy Friend Just Like Him

A dog living in North Carolina decided to give his favorite toy a makeover— to make his favorite stuffed animal look more like him. Bruno, the one-eared pit bull, tugged off the left ear of his toy, a plush dog with brown ears. 

According to the SPCA of Wake County, which posted photos of Bruno and his friend, the pit bull’s ear was pulled off when another dog attacked him and he was unable to run away. "But Bruno knows there's nothing wrong with him, and now he has a best friend just like him to prove it," they wrote. Despite his tragic history, Bruno is kind and sweet, according to the SPCA. He still interacts with others well and loves every person he meets. 

Thanks to the now-viral Facebook post that shows Bruno and his one-eared friend, the pit bull has found his forever home. 

Image credit: SPCA of Wake County

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