New Red Pandas at the Taronga Zoo

You may be fascinated with the new Pixar film Turning Red, now available on Disney+. Believe me, nothing is cuter than a real red panda. These animals are also known as the lesser panda, but they are not related to the black-and-white giant panda. Giant pandas are bears, and red pandas are more closely related to raccoons or weasels. Okay, what's cuter than a red panda? Baby red pandas!

The Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, welcomed two new female red pandas born in December. Now three months old, we finally get to see them on video, recorded during their regular weigh-in. The cubs are about a kilogram each, and are healthy and thriving. You can check in on the cubs anytime with the zoo's Red Panda Cam. See plenty of pictures of the red pandas at Zooborns

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