Mother Goose and 47 Goslings

ā€‹Mike Digout has been studying and recording beavers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, since the beginning of the pandemic. But he keeps an eye out for other wildlife, too. Canada geese use the riverbank to nest and hatch their goslings. He noticed one mother goose has 16 goslings swimming behind her, which is a big family. But at a later date, she was leading 25 fluffy babies, then 30... and Digout finally caught her one day leading a pack of 47 goslings! Surely she didn't lay that many eggs.

No, it turns out that she was babysitting. This is called "gang brooding," and it happens where there are a lot of nests. This goose was particularly good at looking after the goslings of other families to give their mothers a break. Still, 47 seems to be pushing the limit, even for a mother goose. See lots more pictures of this goose with her gang at the Dodo. 

(Image credit: Mike Digout)

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