Meet Pinto Bean, The Sword-Fighting Dog

The Dodo introduces us to Pinto Bean and her human squadmates, Anna and Luke Kimbro. Anna and Luke enjoy acting our fantasy fencing scenes with costumes and fake swords.

So does Pinto Bean.

They never formally taught Pinto Bean the art of the blade. But she was born to it and was immersed in a pack that devotes itself to the sword. As a result, she has learned to wield the blade. Specifically, she appears to prefer the kopis to other sword designs.


Replying to @user5802365489542 she learned from the best 😏 (⚠️ fake swords) #ladypintobean #sword #dogsoftiktok

♬ original sound - TheQuoteBibles

With great ferocity she pursues her foes.

The squad often engages in serious sparring. Pinto Bean demonstrates both skill and energy in this combat.


Can you believe the customer service at this establishment 😤😤 (⚠️ fake knife ⚠️) #ladypintobean #sworddog #dogoftheday #dogsoftiktok #australianshepherd #doglove

♬ original sound - Anna Kimbro

Unfortunately, she sometimes uses her sword to bully people in to giving her what she wants.

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