Man Builds Movie Theater for Squirrels

Jason Lenzi of Detroit went all out for our furry forest friends in a project that took months. He built an entire movie theater for squirrels! Lenzi spent $600 on materials and dedicated two months to building a tiny cinema, complete with concession stand, marquee, auditorium, and even a toilet. The auditorium doesn't have seats, but it does show a movie on an old tablet computer, ringed by sumptuous red curtains. According to the marquee, the movie is Revenge of the Squirrels (a movie Lenzi also made specifically for this project). The whole structure is rigged with cameras to capture the patrons, and baited with walnuts and fruit. You can see plenty of pictures here

It took the squirrels some time to find and enter the theater, even with the LED-lit marquee. Maybe they can't read. When they found the walnuts inside, they told their friends about this wonderful new place. A good time was had by all. -Thanks, Kirby Bartlett-Sloan!

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