Mama Bear Teaches Cubs to Destroy Trail Cameras

These bears hate the cameras! And what have the cameras done to them? Maybe they are just philosophical Luddites. Maybe Mama Bear just likes to attack any trace of mankind. Maybe they want their privacy, or maybe they just find it fun. At any rate, this bear's triplet cubs are learning their lesson that cameras must be disabled, one way or another.

The folks at the Voyageurs Wolf Project in Minnesota are studying wolves, not bears, but the bears don't know that. Five times over the past year, this same bear family has messed with the two cameras the project has trained on a beaver pond. Three of those incidents left enough evidence to make this video. And who is going to stop them? It could be that the bear family is sending a message that you don't study beavers to learn about wolves, when you should be studying bears and their camera-wrecking habits. Silly humans. -via Laughing Squid ā€‹

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