Let's Learn Some True Facts About Opossums

There are all kinds of opossums, plus the rather cute Australian animal that's just a possum, but this video is about the one that lives in the US and you've surely seen them hanging around your garbage cans. They are kind of ugly, but once you've seen as many as are in this video, you will start to appreciate their looks. That doesn't make it any easier to be surprised by one in the dark, but opossums are more scared of you than you are of them. The point of this video is to highlight the opossum's defense strategies, which lead us to their notorious talent for "playing possum." They are why we call it that. But opossums aren't the only animal that feigns death, and we get to see plenty of other species try that tactic, too. As with most of Ze Frank's True facts videos, this one contains language and jokes that you might not want your children to hear. There's a 70-second skippable ad at 6:16.

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