Hank the Tank: 500-lb Bear Breaks Into Lake Tahoe Homes in Search of Food

Residents of South Lake Tahoe are having trouble with their not-so-friendly neighborhood Hank. Hank isn’t just anyone, he’s a 500-pound bear living in their area. The locals themselves gave him the nickname “Hank the Tank” because of his massive size. 

For quite some time, Hanks has been breaking into dozens of homes in search of food. The locals are understandably getting worried. Meanwhile, The Department of Fish and Wildlife has been tracking him for six months. Since the area has quite a dense traffic and establishments, they are concerned Hank may put himself and other people in danger. 

What makes it challenging is Hank has grown so unfazed by people, he only sees people and homes as his sources of food. 

Now locals are debating whether or not to kill him. But the Bear League opposes the idea, calling it cruel and unnecessary.

Image: Bear League/FB

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