Grumpy Old Cat Finds a New Life

Elderly cats get stuck in their ways, and find it hard to make a transition. When a cat has been in the same home for all of its life, a sudden change can be downright traumatic. MacKenzie was an elderly cat whose owners died, and she was unexpectedly homeless. She growled and hissed and was altogether socially unacceptable, so her chances of being adopted from a shelter were quite small. Angela Rafuse took a chance on MacKenzie, who was her grandparents' cat, and with lots of love and patience, discovered that her grumpy ways are just a habit and don't accurately reflect her personality. Her experience led Angela to found an organization called My Grandfather's Cat to help elderly cats in Canada find new loving homes in their golden years. You can see some of their cats at Instagram

MacKenzie's story might also cause you to think about what would happen to your pets if you were suddenly gone. There's no better time to make those arrangements than right now.

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