Good Dog Helps Mom with Laundry

Anya the German shepherd is very smart, very loving, and very big. She wants to make Mom happy by helping around the house. In this video, you'll see her getting the laundry out of the dryer, but you might not really see that because her big, soulful eyes will grab your attention.

How precious is that? Sure, you love your dog, even though he doesn't do anything besides clamor for walks and bark at the cat. But wouldn't it be wonderful to have a dog who observes your household tasks and takes it upon herself to help? While the laundry is self-taught, Anya is obedient and a quick learner. Here she shows off some tricks she's learned for a sweet inspirational video.

Anya is not alone. There are other dogs and cats, too, in her home. In fact, Anya's best friend is a cat.

This is a pet-centric household, as you can tell by the back door and fenced-in yard. You can see more of Anya's antics at TikTok.  -via Fark 

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