Five, Count 'Em, Five Tigers Born in New Jersey

There are an estimated 500 or so Siberian tigers left in the wild. A mother cat at Six Flags Great Adventure Wild Safari in New Jersey has added the equivalent of 1% of that population in one day. That was on May 2, when a tiger named Nadya gave birth to her third litter consisting of one male and four female cubs. Tigers usually bear two to four cubs at a time.

Four of the cubs were at normal weight and are deemed healthy. One female cub was underweight, and was put in an incubator and hand-fed by staff. She is thriving under the extra care, and is catching up to her sibling's size rapidly. The four larger cubs will soon go on display at the park. Nadya's earlier litters were all named after US soccer stars. Whether these five will follow in their footsteps is still up in the air.

-via Fark 

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