Everyone is Crazy About Tater Tot

Tater Tot has faced many challenges in his life so far, and he's just a kitten. He came into the care of KittyCrusAIDe in Utah when he was just a few days old. Tater Tot has four deformed legs and a cleft palate. Ash Houghton is fostering the kitten through his many needed surgeries. KittyCrusAIDe launched a contest on Instagram to name the kitten and raise funds for his veterinary care. That's how he got the name Tater Tot. Images of the kitten with his iconic leg casts (first on the back legs, then on the front legs) made everyone all verklempt.

The kitten became a viral sensation when Houghton posted his picture on the Facebook group THIS CAT IS G R O M P Y. He became so popular that the group uses his image for their banner, and they keep up with his every move. Inspired, Tater Tot launched his own Facebook group, where his fans can keep up with him. They pay homage to the kitten and share their own special needs cats. Tater Tot has lots of fans, including artists.

Read Tater Tot's story at KOMO. -via Fark 

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