Eagle Cam 🦅: Explore the Dolomite Mountains From an Eagle's Eye Perspective in 360°

Ever wonder what an eagle sees while it's flying high in the sky? Now you can in this fantastic 360° video by Red Bull.

Back in 2017, Peter Clausen Films & TV and falconer Paul Klima collaborated with Red Bull Media House to bring you this fantastic footage of an eagle flying through the Dolomite Mountains in northeastern Italy.

First, Clausen developed a special super light 4K camera and a rigging system that allowed him to attach the equipment to the back of three golden eagles. The "backpack rig" that he created was adjusted individually to allow the bird to fly unhindered.

Then, a three-person crew, two eagles, and a mountain guide were dropped off via helicopter on several mountain tops on the Dolomites. From these mountain summits, they let the eagles fly and capture the amazing footage you'll see below.

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Video: Red Bull

Be sure to move your mouse around to see the 360° panoramic view.

One more amazing Eagle Cam video, this time from a fixed perspective.

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