Duck Goes to Maternity Facility to Lay Eggs

A mama duck in Jacksonville, Florida, made sure to have all her ducks in a row when she produced ten baby ducklings. The duck flew into the courtyard of Baptist Medical Center Beaches‘ labor and delivery center, and built a nest in the facility's atrium. She laid ten eggs, which hatched into ten ducklings. This duck knew what she was doing.

Florida mallard ducklings can walk, swim, and forage within a few days of hatching, but cannot fly, which meant that the family couldn't leave the delivery center atrium without help. So the staff, led by certified lactation consultant Loretta Haycook-Haught (who knows a few things about babies) escorted them out by herding them through the building with big pieces of cardboard. They went out the front door, just like human moms and their new babies.

No word yet on whether they scheduled her a six-week checkup. -via Fark 

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