Dog Explodes With Joy Seeing His New Pool

Oh, what a joy! 

Meet Thor, a golden retriever that is extremely obsessed with water. Thankfully, this energetic ball of life is with a paw parent that appreciates and takes note of his inclination towards puddles of water.

While during the hot months, Thor can go out and find puddles to swim around in, it’s the winter season when he gets a bit lonely. Seeing this, his dog dad decided to convert the garage into a pool house so he doesn’t need to brave the cold, winter air, and snow just to have fun. 

Sure enough, when it’s time for Thor to be introduced to the newest addition to his home, this pupper explodes with excitement and joy as he sees the pool for the first time. It’s just a lot of “awws” for us over here. 

Check out the video above to learn more about Thor!

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