Dog Became Famous for His Train Obsession

Just as some young people want to run away and join the circus (or at least that's the term we once used), Bob ran away and joined the railroad. Born in 1883 in South Australia, Bob was a mixed breed dog with a case of wanderlust. Already obsessed with railroad workers, at nine months old, he left home for good and was next seen 60 kilometers away in Adelaide. He must have hitched a ride on a train. From there, Bob lived a railroad life. He was sent with a shipment of strays to help with rabbit control, but on the way he stole the stationmaster's heart. William Ferry taught Bob to do tricks and took him along for all kinds of railroad tasks. From that point, he belonged to the railroad.

Bob traveled thousands of miles, and made friends with every railway worker he met. And they loved him so much that Bob became quite the celebrity. Read the story of Bob the beloved railway dog at Amusing Planet. 

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