De Ganzenfanfare: The Goose Parade

A charming TikTok video recorded in Odense, Denmark, is making the rounds. It shows us a gaggle of Toulouse geese walking in formation, more or less, led by a drum major with a glockenspiel and ending with a drummer bringing up the rear.

This is De Ganzenfanfare, a tradition that goes way back in the Netherlands and was born out of goose herding. Someone, somewhere, just liked the way the birds goose-stepped. You can see De Ganzenfanfare during festivals and holidays in quite a few European countries, particularly in Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark. There is a theme park called Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands, that stages a Ganzenfanfare several times a day around the park. Let's see some more geese!

You can imagine how this tradition came about. People enjoyed watching geese being herded from one place to another, and the people guiding them gradually put on more and more of a show of it. If you enjoy de Ganzenfanfare, here's a linked list of 57 goose parades you can watch. -via Laughing Squid 

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