Cute Papa Beaver Clumsily Carries Carrot and Cabbage Back to His Family

I can make it in one trip, we can imagine Mumu-chan the Beaver muttered to himself as he clumsily carried a carrot and a head of cabbage back to his family. We can also imagine that the papa beaver was not eager in shelling out his hard-earned money on grocery bags, even though the carrot and cabbage were a bit too much to carry all at once.

The cute papa beaver, who just turned 10 years old last month, is famous for carrying food back to his family in the Aso Farm Land, a camp and petting zoo in Kumamoto prefecture, Japan.

Take a look below for more cute videos of Mumu-chan the Beaver and his daughter Nini-chan waddling and carrying food back to the family's den.

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View the clip below:

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