Cities Hire Falconers to Chase Away Nuisance Birds

Pigeons are often called “rats with wings”, but if you live near a coast, you’ll more likely think of seagulls that way. These birds are cute for only the first five seconds. Thereafter, they’re nothing but pests to humans trying to enjoy a nice day on the beach or boardwalk.

That’s why Ocean City, New Jersey, which is famous for his historic boardwalk, is hiring falconers to use their raptors to chase away seagulls without harming them. In April, WFPG radio reported that the city is paying the company East Coast Falconers $2,000 a day this summer to keep the seagulls at bay. That led to job openings for 3 full time and 4-6 part time employees at the falconry company.

-via Marginal Revolution | Photo: WFPG

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