Cats Show Off Their Adoption Transformations

When TasneemEN first saw this cat on the streets in Kuwait, she thought it was dead. But you can see what a transformation Timon made when he was taken in and cared for. You can see more pictures of Timon at reddit. TasneemEN was already a cat lover and did foster care, but this experience inspired her to open a small cat shelter so that she and her friends could save more cats.

Homeless cats these days, especially urban cats, have no trouble finding mates, but always have trouble finding food. Overcrowded colonies lead to infestations, disease, and injury. What they really need is someone to care for them and make sure their basic needs are met. Food, shelter, veterinary care, and security go a long way toward making a cat's natural beauty shine through. Also, every cat that is spayed or neutered prevents future cat homelessness and overcrowding. Bored Panda collected 50 inspirational stories of cat adoption with dramatic before and after pictures. To keep seeing more of these, plus dogs and other animals, check out the subreddit BeforeNAfterAdoption

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