Cat Loves to Make Hand-Thrown Pawttery

Sophia Renata is a professional potter in Chicago. She also has two cats, Momo and June. Momo was fascinated by Sophia's pottery wheel, and wanted to explore how it worked.


teaching my cat momo how to throw #cat #pottery

♬ My Love Mine All Mine - Mitski

So Sophia let him try it out on his own, and he loves shaping his own pots! And vases and bowls, too. Momo hasn't quite got the hang of throwing the clay, but he gives the shaping of it his undivided attention.


momo’s favorite pieces to make are definitely bowls! #cat #pottery

♬ Yacht Club - MusicBox

He is learning to apply glaze, too!


momo paints a small planter with black slip #cat #pottery

♬ Palmtree Panic Slowed - ssempron

This is Momo's hobby. June is not at all interested.


momo designs an elegant shallow bowl #cat #pottery

♬ Mr. Fox in the Fields - Jenny Lin

This one he not only shapes, but applies his distinctive claw marks.


momo makes an abstracted bowl #cat #pottery

♬ Hinoki Wood - Gia Margaret

See more of Momo at work at TikTok and Instagram. Sophia offered Momo's works up for sale, but they sold out immediately. More will be available as he completes them. -via Boing Boing 

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