California Bears Open Man's Car Door Twice in an Attempt to Get to His St. Patrick's Day Corned Beef Sandwich

It’s man vs wild caught on camera.

This video captured the moment a hungry bear attempted to take a man’s St Patrick’s Day corned beef meal… from inside his car. The bear had apparently learned how to open car doors. Thankfully, the man was able to move swiftly to close the door, saving himself and his sandwich.

The California Department of Parks and Recreation warns that bears can open vehicle doors and may cause damage trying to gain entry if they sniff something inside. They can also pry open home doors, windows and dumpsters. The department has shared a few bear-proof tips for homeowners : do not leave trash in the car, wait to put out trash on collection day, do not toss food scraps in the yard. In short: be more hygienic.

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