Bears Doing Cute Bear Things

(Image source: HavingLastLaugh)

A mama bear always looks out for her cubs. In this case, she's teaching them to check both ways before crossing the street. Bears have learned to adapt to the world of humans in many ways. As Yogi Bear learned the value of a pic-a-nic basket, other bears have learned the value of an outdoor grill, a deck with a view, or a backyard pool. Even when it's been covered for the season!

(Image source: taykaybo)

Now that's a smart bear. If you see a bear doing something cute, funny, or human-like (which is both cute and funny), take a photograph from a distance, or better yet from inside a building. While they may look friendly, bears are large, strong, and fast, and they are still wild animals. Which is why it's astonishing to see something like this.

(Image source: Hygena-Pet-Scooper

All he needs is a newspaper and a martini! There's more where that came from. See a collection of 30 pictures of bears in funny and/or cute activities at Bored Panda.


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