Bear Learns Not to Mess with a Mother Moose

We mere humans often don't realize how large moose are until we see them in relation to something else. A hungry bear would love to feast on moose meat, but the full-grown moose is much bigger than the bear (also full-grown). But she has two young calves (that look delightfully like horse foals). The bear would have a much easier time with one of those tasty young calves, but their mama says "not today." She will defend those calves with her life!

The bear doesn't want to give up, though, and keeps making his moves in between retreating up a tree. The people recording this interaction a couple of weeks ago in Anchorage are safely far away, as you can see from the camera movement and refocusing. It's a good thing, too, because these are two very dangerous animals. They don't tell us how the whole episode ended; we can assume the animals moved out of camera range. We hope the bear gave up and decided to go fishing instead. -via Digg ā€‹

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