Axel, the 43-Pound Cat

Axel is a real chonker. An absolute unit. He was surrendered to a shelter at 43 pounds! For context, I have three cats that weigh around eight pounds each, and the big orange cat weighs 13 pounds. Axel was definitely overfed at his previous home. The rescue organization Ferdinand and Friends placed him with their director Christina for fostering, and she was worried about all that extra weigh the cat carried. He had trouble hauling himself around, and he suffered from arthritis due to the stress on his bones. They had to get special equipment for him, including scales! But Axel is well on his way to a healthy weight. You can follow his weight loss journey at Instagram and TikTok, where he goes by his stage name Biggie Smalls.

If you are dealing with an obese cat, there is help. Axel's Instagram page led me to a guide for helping your cat get trim and fit.  

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