Amagami Ham Ham: Cute Pet Dog Robot That Bites Your Finger

This robot will not pull a Freddy Fazbear malfunction, will it? 

Meet Amagami Ham Ham, a series of robots designed to nibble the end of your finger in a definitely cute and reassuring way (hopefully). Developed by Yukai Engineering, the series features two characters,  Yuzu the cat and Kotaru the Shiba Inu dog. These two adorable toys were based on Liv Heart’s Nemu Nemu series of plush toys. 

The toys’ biting motions are driven by HAMgorithms. According to the developers, this program will generate 24 different biting modes. Now, before you pull a Five Nights at Freddy’s reference, because this situation at first glance just screams similarities between the animatronics featured in the game, please stop. Yukai Engineering claims that the biting motion is designed to recreate the sensation of having the tip of your finger nibbled by a pet or a baby. Friendly and not harmful. 

Image via digitaltrends 

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