50 Cats with One Orange Brain Cell

(Image credit: Fancy-Stop-3241

Orange cats, often called ginger cats, have a reputation for growing larger than other cats, and for being dumb. I thought I may have been a bit biased in that, because I have a large orange cat who is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. I have another coming for the holidays that can't keep his tongue in his head. But I am not the only one to think of orange cats this way. There is a subreddit named One Orange Braincell that is dedicated to dumb orange cats.

(Image credit: Jay911

Now, make no mistake, these cats are very much loved. People flock to the subreddit to see them. Yeah, they are laughed at, but they are also treasured. The cats don't know they are providing entertainment for other cat lovers. Being orange cats, they would probably be proud if they did.

(Image credit: JHRooseveltChrist

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